Thoughts While Typing a Paper

I am supposed to be typing a 6-8 page paper for my classes; naturally, I am procrastinating. Instead, I am compiling a list of thoughts that run through my head as I am “working” on my paper:


  • “Maybe I should make coffee. Coffee will help me focus, right?!”
  • “I need good music. I can’t type in dead silence. I also can’t type listening to really crummy music. This is a tough decision.”
  • *Types 10 words, takes a 10 minute break*
  • “Ok, you have got to get this done. Type 1 page and take a break.”
  • “A bubble bath sounds really good right now. After, I could paint my toenails. My toenails need a fresh coat of paint. Hmmmmm.”
  • “What color should I paint my toenails?”
  • “Did I just see movement outside of the window? Is someone trying to break into the house?!”
  • “I’m kind of hungry. Popcorn sounds good.”
  • “Maybe I will just eat popcorn, watch a 20 minute show, and then get right back to work.”
  • “I want a cat.”

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