No One Cares

I am going to be honest and I am going to get some heat for this…

No one cares.

I know that sounds harsh and cynical, but hear me out.

Take your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram friends. Look at how many “friends” you have on each. How many of those “friends” do you actually communicate with on said social media site (likes, comments, private messages, replies, etc.)? How many of those “friends” actually communicate with you?

So why do you feel this need to share every single detail of your life with acquaintances who do not care for the details, many of whom you have never met? Call me old school, but I think certain things are best kept between your closest family and friends.

Sure, there are events that are understandable to share like a status about your engagement, marriage, pregnancy/birth of child, or new job. However, there is such thing as sharing TOO much.

Here is the difference between a sufficient amount of information and TMI:

An acceptable status:  “Billy Bob and I are having a girl!”

A TMI status: “Ugh, the third trimester sucks. Thankfully, I have the sweetest hubby who went out and bought me some of my favorite ice cream:  STRAWBERRY! How sweet is he? Baby girl is kicking! Here are the latest ultrasounds! (insert picture here)”


If I care at all, I only care enough to know that you and Billy Bob are having a girl. I do not need a mental image of your pregnancy. And, honestly, I could go the rest of my life without seeing an ultrasound of your baby…inside of you. Same way I only care enough to know you were recently engaged or married; I do not necessarily need to know your wedding itenerary or if you are going to use baby’s breath or roses. When you go on your honeymoon, I do not care to see 10 different pictures of your mojito, glued to your hand, and seems to travel around Cancun with you.

Be mysterious. Let people actually be excited for you when you tell them the details in person. Here is a shocking idea:  SURPRISE PEOPLE!


21 Signs You are No Longer 21

21 signs you are no longer 21, from a going-on 23 year old perspective:

1. You forget your age. “I’m in my 20’s,” covers it.

2. You rarely type statuses or upload pictures to social media; instead, you log on just to see who was recently engaged or married.

3. HGTV is one of your favorite channels.

4. Reading no longer feels like a requirement.

5. You have accepted your transition from the “Juniors'” to “Misses” department.

6. Your style icon is Kate Middleton.

7. You listen to singer/songwriter and alternative music rather than hip-hop and pop.

8. You still drive your car from high school because it gets good gas mileage.

9. You are a coupon clipper.

10. You realize $5 mascara from a drug store works just as well as $50 mascara from a department store.

11. You love spending time with your family rather than constantly hanging out with friends.

12. You do not feel the need to go out every weekend.

13. If someone is no longer interested, you do not get upset.

14. You do not feel guilty when you outgrow friendships.

15. You do not feel the need to reply to every text message or return every phone call.

16. You save more of your paycheck than you spend.

17. When people excessively brag about themselves, you do not get jealous or defensive; you just feel bad for their need to be better than everyone else.

18. You have a designer clothing item from Goodwill for $5 rather than the regular priced $150. Who is the real winner here?!

19. You stop focusing on what you do not have, but rather appreciate what you do have.

20. Your hobbies may include one of the following:  knitting, crocheting, sewing, gardening, or baking.

21. You are glad you are no longer 21.

Why Did I Just Watch That?!

As I was trying to think of a topic to write about, one just fell into my lap.

While on Facebook, one thing led to another and I stumbled upon Miley Cyrus’ new music video for “Adore You.” I am not a MC fan. I watched the awkward video to see what bizarre thing she does next; it made me uncomfortable. Not straying from her latest trend, she was as nude as she could get laying on a bed, and from here on you can guess what happened. I made faces, turned my head, and squinted my eyes. 

We have two groups when it comes to MC:  avid fans and people who are appalled by her behavior. If my blog were more popular, I imagine the MC lovers would begin relentlessly defending her now. I have said time and time again, people knowingly make their own choices. In my opinion, MC cares less about her lyrics and their meaning and more about shock value:  “How can I get people to watch me…talk about me among their friends…etc.” 

Then, as if I were not already alarmed enough, I realized her video is not age restricted on YouTube. If you watch it, think about it. Think about how, especially today, young children have access to the internet. Like what happened in my situation, one thing leads to another and that child discovers the video. Without having to enter an email and password to “confirm” they are 18+ years of age, they watch the video…as impressionable young children. They begin asking their parents, friends, or even researching what MC is “doing” in the video. Now, at a young age they know. It makes a child cursing seem not as bad. You have to wonder, will this video (among other artists’ music videos) encourage young children to think about and act upon sex at an even younger age?

Another alarming thought:  how many of her songs, music videos, and Tweets will be about a previous relationship? Not realizing it, we are teaching people that dwelling on relationships (past or present) is a good, healthy way to cope. It is not. Sure, we need our outlets to cope:  running, talking, baking, writing, singing, and so on. However, I believe we need to cope in a way that pushes us to move on. Multiple documentaries and books tell the story of when William and Kate broke up; Kate’s mother told her to come home, mourn for a couple of days, then pick herself up by the bootstraps and move on as a stronger woman. That is exactly what Kate did, and William noticed. I believe her strong demeanor attracted William and look where they are now:  married and with a new addition to the family. Maybe it is just me, but I believe MC’s obsessiveness over a previous relationship is not only creepy to that ex, but to any guy she might pursue in the future.

Most of all, I blame myself. I had a pretty good idea what the video would portray. I knew it would make me uncomfortable, yet I still watched it. MC (and other artists like herself) are winning. No matter if a person likes the song or music video, they are still getting millions of viewers. They will continue to release songs and music videos that are risque. I am not attempting to be the “Music Police.” However, I think websites, like YouTube, should be more considerate and careful when uploading content that could potentially be accessed by young viewers. When wanting to see a change, we must start with ourselves. If you are not a MC fan (or any other similar artist), stop listening to her music, stop watching her music videos, stop following her on Twitter. 

So from here on out, I am done. Done listening and watching her. The only way I will “hear” anything about her will be if anyone brings up the latest, crazy thing she says or does.