Why Did I Just Watch That?!

As I was trying to think of a topic to write about, one just fell into my lap.

While on Facebook, one thing led to another and I stumbled upon Miley Cyrus’ new music video for “Adore You.” I am not a MC fan. I watched the awkward video to see what bizarre thing she does next; it made me uncomfortable. Not straying from her latest trend, she was as nude as she could get laying on a bed, and from here on you can guess what happened. I made faces, turned my head, and squinted my eyes. 

We have two groups when it comes to MC:  avid fans and people who are appalled by her behavior. If my blog were more popular, I imagine the MC lovers would begin relentlessly defending her now. I have said time and time again, people knowingly make their own choices. In my opinion, MC cares less about her lyrics and their meaning and more about shock value:  “How can I get people to watch me…talk about me among their friends…etc.” 

Then, as if I were not already alarmed enough, I realized her video is not age restricted on YouTube. If you watch it, think about it. Think about how, especially today, young children have access to the internet. Like what happened in my situation, one thing leads to another and that child discovers the video. Without having to enter an email and password to “confirm” they are 18+ years of age, they watch the video…as impressionable young children. They begin asking their parents, friends, or even researching what MC is “doing” in the video. Now, at a young age they know. It makes a child cursing seem not as bad. You have to wonder, will this video (among other artists’ music videos) encourage young children to think about and act upon sex at an even younger age?

Another alarming thought:  how many of her songs, music videos, and Tweets will be about a previous relationship? Not realizing it, we are teaching people that dwelling on relationships (past or present) is a good, healthy way to cope. It is not. Sure, we need our outlets to cope:  running, talking, baking, writing, singing, and so on. However, I believe we need to cope in a way that pushes us to move on. Multiple documentaries and books tell the story of when William and Kate broke up; Kate’s mother told her to come home, mourn for a couple of days, then pick herself up by the bootstraps and move on as a stronger woman. That is exactly what Kate did, and William noticed. I believe her strong demeanor attracted William and look where they are now:  married and with a new addition to the family. Maybe it is just me, but I believe MC’s obsessiveness over a previous relationship is not only creepy to that ex, but to any guy she might pursue in the future.

Most of all, I blame myself. I had a pretty good idea what the video would portray. I knew it would make me uncomfortable, yet I still watched it. MC (and other artists like herself) are winning. No matter if a person likes the song or music video, they are still getting millions of viewers. They will continue to release songs and music videos that are risque. I am not attempting to be the “Music Police.” However, I think websites, like YouTube, should be more considerate and careful when uploading content that could potentially be accessed by young viewers. When wanting to see a change, we must start with ourselves. If you are not a MC fan (or any other similar artist), stop listening to her music, stop watching her music videos, stop following her on Twitter. 

So from here on out, I am done. Done listening and watching her. The only way I will “hear” anything about her will be if anyone brings up the latest, crazy thing she says or does.


May the Force of Kate Middleton Be With You

Growing up, I do not recall having a favorite female celebrity. 1990s female celebrities were not as risque as those female celebrities today; however, I just did not “connect” with the Britneys or Christinas. It was on April 29, 2011 that I found my celebrity inspiration; I was 19 going on 20 years old. For those of you who do not understand, it was the day Kate Middleton and Prince William were married. I began to admire her poise, class, style, and of course her taste in men. Without pushing her agenda or twerking, she quietly became an icon.


Grown women may choose to do what they want. It does not matter if you are a grocer or an international sensation, impressionable young children and young adults are watching. There is no “On/Off” switch or invisibility cloak to shield you from watching eyes. Even when you are not out and about to the public eye, social media allows viewers to “watch” you 24/7. Whether you like it or not, young children/young adults may be justifying their actions because you said or did the same thing.

Kate seems to be a quiet and humble woman. She dresses conservatively but fashionably, speaks eloquently, and carries herself with confidence. There is no way someone could justify being scantily clad or cursing like a sailor “because Kate did, too.” If one of our goals, as women, is to be a positive influence on young women…no, the WORLD…we have to start taking responsibility for our actions. We have to stop with the double standards (i.e., dressing inappropriately yet demanding respect). 

Drawing from some admirable celebrities (Kate, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift), this blog will address everything from fashion, beauty, and health, to being a strong, independent woman.

Let us conquer the world…and…May the force of Kate Middleton Be With You.




(P.S. – comments and suggestions are encouraged!)